Getting a Car As a Disabled Person

Choosing the right vehicle

When you have a disability it’s extremely important to get a vehicle that’s suitable for your needs. How much your car needs to be adapted will depend on the extent of your disability. In some cases, simply being a car with automatic transmission is enough since they’re much easier to drive and frees up your left hand from constantly changing gears.

If your disability is more severe then you might have to have your vehicle extensively adapted, including things like hand controls for operating the vehicle and having the pedals shifted to suit your needs.

Of course not all disabilities require you to have a car adapted or even purchasing a particular type of vehicle. There are disabilities that don’t manifest themselves physically to a point where it would impair your ability to drive a regular car.

motability scheme

The main organization that provides vehicles for disabled drivers is The Motability Scheme. If you receive financial support for your disability then you can use it to lease or purchase a vehicle from Motability. Motability provide a range of cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs.

There are certain criteria you must meet in order to be eligible to get a vehicle from Motability.

You are also able to get a Motability vehicle and pick somebody else to drive it for you, as well as being able to claim a vehicle for your child.

Getting a vehicle through the Motability Scheme comes with some fairly substantial benefits. These include –

  • Vehicle insurance (convicted drivers such as drug driving insurance may cost more) of  is included as standard, including tyre/windscreen replacement cover
  • Breakdown cover is also included
  • Vehicle tax is already paid for

Car Tax

If you have a disability and choose to get a vehicle outside of the Motability Scheme then there’s a possibility that you won’t have to pay car tax on it.

Check out this page for information on how to apply for free vehicle tax or to renew your current vehicle tax exemption.